Waikanae Primary School The children of today are the leaders of tomorrow. Ngā mokopuna o te ra nei Ngā rangatire o āpōpō.


1889 An 'aided' school Waikanae was recorded in the 12th Annual Report of the Minister of Education; costs of 14.2.6 pounds and a salary of 25.5.0 pounds paid to Mr Henry Messiter.

1891 'Aided' school opened with Mr Thomas L Morrison in charge. Expenses were recorded as 40.13.1 pounds; building site, furniture and apparatus accounted for 1.0.3 pounds, with salary costs of 63.15.0 pounds, for an average attendance of 19 pupils. 

1896 On land donated by Mr Wiremu Parata (corner of Seddon Street and Reikorangi Road), Waikanae School was opened (one room, 41 feet by 16 feet) on 2 September 1896, with a roll of 26 and a Mr Foss as teacher

1906 Roll was 72, with an average daily attendance of 48. There was considerable pressure for another school site and larger buildings. 

1909 The new two-roomed block (currently C1 and C2) was opened on 30 June. A new school house was built at this time, just north of the present tennis court.

1929 Asphalt tennis court laid. Roll at 3 teacher level, no appointment of another teacher because of roll fluctuations. 

1930 School house burnt to the ground, principal conducting end-of-year concert at the time.

1945 An extra classroom, C3 (original sole charge model from Otaki Forks), dismantled and re-erected on the present site. A welcome relief for teachers and students who had been working in the two rooms for some years. 

1946 Successful 50th Jubilee held. Mrs Collins, who was head teacher at the time, had been appointed in 1930 and remained until 1947. Roll growth meant a pre-fabricated building was put on the school site, but this was demolished in a storm in the 1950's. Land was acquired in Winara Avenue, the old Hooper residence bought and demolished with the land providing the present football field.

 1963 A1 and A2 were opened on 9 March, including the present administration and Office area by Mr Allan McCready, MP for Otaki, who officiated and turned the Key in the door.

 1966 A3 and A4 added, C block remodelled. Roll now 224 with six teachers and a Clerical Assistant.

 1969 A5 and A6 built with additions to the administration area and staffroom. The boiler room and the janitor's room were also added.

 1969 Reikorangi School closed in December and 300 students enrolled in 1971.

 1972 Successful 75th Jubilee held in March. Jubilee dinner and dance held in the Old Memorial Hall. Centenary due in 1996.

1976 The December roll was 630 with 23 teachers on the staff. The school now comprised A Block, B Block, five relocatables (R1-5) and two prefabs (C4 and C5) and the current C1, C2 and C3. A class was taught in St. Lukes Hall for four Terms.

1977 The roll fell with the opening of Kapanui; A1 was converted into a library. Three re- locatables and two prefabs were removed. Other changes included: a kindergarten (Russell Reserve) was opened; colleges at Kapiti and Paraparaumu were opened by this time; Waikanae Playcentre was moved from the church hall where it had been for 15 years to a new building in Hira Street (1979).

1980s School roll stabilised at 350 plus.

1989-90 "Tomorrow's Schools" opens a new era in school's administration, with the BOT taking more of a hands-on approach to school matters.

1991 Mr Graham Benbrook retired after being appointed principal in 1971. Mr Allan Tichborne appointed new principal beginning of Term 2. 

1992 School repainted at a cost of $40,000. The colours of white, blue, green and grey being a fresh departure from the Education Boards yellow and red. All rooms carpeted.

1993 C1-C2 toilets remodelled; caretakers/storage room added to R2. Caretaker's office converted to school   canteen with parents help. Areas to north of tennis court  converted to gardens using community task force help. 

1993-94 December to January: Administration area altered to make better use of space, store-room removed to extend clerical area. Principal's office relocated. 

1994 Paving laid at entrance to Administration block. Path from rear of A3 to A6 widened and area beside A6/Phys Ed store extended. Gardens under care of parents for  maintenance and planting.

1995 Plans underway for 2 additional classrooms.

1996 Two additional classrooms moved onto an excavated site behind the present C4. Ground works completed February. Standard 3 and 4 syndicate under senior teacher Paul Robinson moved in. In June the Board decided to set up a committee to consider all matters relating to building a "Centenary" school hall. Once the decision was made fundraisers were employed to work towards a target of $450,000. September-October: All planning over previous three years reached their conclusion with a successful Centennial celebration held during October's Labour Weekend. Trees planted at 50th (1946) were identified and a black walnut was planted in front of C5. 

1997 School Hall Committee functioning with fundraising activities.  Application for supplementary funds made to M.O.E. Funds received from M.O.E. for tidying concrete areas and asphalts.

1998 Mr Allan Tichborne retired as Principal. Mr Bevan Campbell appointed Principal beginning of Term 3.Hall project deferred. 

1999 Roll growth experienced and an extra class established in Term 4.  Work on boiler replacement begun.

2000 The roll  reached over 400 for the first time since 1976.  Boiler replacement finished and gas heating   installed throughout the school.  Library upgrade begun.

2001 The upgrade of the library completed.  The swimming pool removed and an additional classroom established.  New adventure playground built.

2002 Stage one administration upgrade completed. Library upgrade completed. Front entrance to school upgraded. 

2003 Stage Two admin upgrade complete, Hall construction begun.  Upgrade of rooms 8,9,12 complete.Various veranda's, decks and patios to facilitate disabled access.  Roll hits 470. Enrolment Scheme established. 

2004 Hall project completed with the placement and refurbishment of the Waiwhetu School Hall on Hira Street . Original Waikanae School building demolished and a replacement 4 classroom block built.

2005 Relocatables  moved on site and refurbished to become Rooms 18,19. Closing Roll of 490

2006 Senior Girls Netball Team wins Primary Grade competition for the first time in 27 years. Closing Roll 508

2007  Rooms 1-4 upgraded. Digital Projectors installed in 10 rooms

2008 School allocated $737,000 for new buildings. Closing roll 536

2009 The Minister of Education announces that a new school will open in Waikanae on day one 2013. This should help cater for the continued roll growth experienced at both Kapanui and Waikanae Schools.

2010 The major building upgrade and expansion programme begun in late 2009 was completed. The $1.2 million spent saw the construction of two new classrooms, an upgrade of the school hall, new hard courts, and expansion of the staffroom and office areas, anew canteen, new paths, landscaping and a doubling in size of the school library. Closing roll 556 students.
2011 The school roll is reduced as Te Horo start to take Year 8 children. 

2013 Rooms 5, 6 & 7 upgraded
2014 Rooms 12 & 13 are demolished due to leaky buildings. 
2016 Rooms 10 and 11 are replaced by two new modern learning environments. The roll is starting to rise again due to an influx of people into the area and the expressway nearing completion.