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Welcome to your child’s online report.

This digital report provides you with personalised information about your child’s progress and achievement in Reading, Writing and Maths. Information about how to read this is contained in the following slides.

In addition, we also report on the wider curriculum and key competencies. Posts on these subjects can be found by clicking on the button showing the Year level your child is currently in:


Progression through goals

Literacy and Numeracy are important foundation skills for children. Primary and intermediate schools focus on these because your child needs to have sound Reading, Writing and Maths skills to be able to do well in every area of learning at school and in life.

Teachers use many different ways to find out where your child is at. This includes a range of formal tests and assessments, watching your child working in the classroom, talking with your child about their learning and having your child assess their own and other’s work.

This page summarises your child’s progress in through goals. The following slide explains what you will see.



The New Zealand Curriculum

This diagram shows how curriculum levels typically relate to years at school. Many students do not, however, fit this pattern. They include those with special learning needs, those who are gifted and those who come from non-English-speaking backgrounds. Students learning an additional language are also unlikely to follow the suggested progression: level 1 is the entry level for those with no prior knowledge of the language being learned, regardless of their school year. 

Supporting your child’s learning

Below are links to booklets with ideas on how you can help your child at home. click to view.


Early years

Year One

Year Two

 Year Three

Year Four

Year Five

Year Six

Year Seven

Year Eight

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