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What is our online school report (Linc-Ed)?


Firstly and most importantly, our online school report is called 'Linc-Ed' and it  is our new Online Reporting Portal for parents. This real-time reporting tool fits with the depth and breadth of the New Zealand Curriculum. Overtime, it will provide an excellent picture of is what happening in your child’s class and replaces all written reports that were formally sent home.  This means that all hard copy reports (Mid and End of Year plus Student Portfolios) will no longer be supplied on paper. All reporting to parents will be online. (Effective as of 1 Jan 2019)


As a staff, we began working our new Online Reporting Portal (LINC-ED) early in 2019. Over the next two years, we will move to a point where both staff and students will be posting rich content on all components of the New Zealand Curriculum. As a parent, you will also be able to involve yourself (by posting) with your child’s learning journey.


Our aim is to implement a dynamic and robust reporting system that allows teachers, parents, and students to access learning in an online environment that is secure, easy, and effective.


The Online Reporting Portal (LINC-ED) allows teachers to share learning anytime, anywhere which parents on any device can view. The nature of this reporting mechanism is that it  is designed to build year on year so that over time you will have access to comments, assessments, images, video and helpful resources all in one place.


We are very excited about the potential that this software offers! It is important to note that this is a big job to change our systems and it will take time to get it totally right. We expect the roll out period to be completed by December 2020. Both Michelle Fearon and I are happy to answer any questions or concerns.


Bevan Campbell