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Our Beautification Project

With the extremely generous support of the Stanjoy Trust and their donation of $100,000 Waikanae School is able to more forward and beautify  much of its frontage and Enviro Center. 
Follow the link to a  copy of the proposal
Waikanae School formally acknowledges and thanks Stan Goodwright and his late wife Muriel Joy Goodwright for this  stunning act of generosity and philanthropy.
As one of only two schools in Waikanae, our school grounds are a popular destination for families during the evenings and weekends.
Our fields and courts are often busy with families playing, scootering, exercising and walking through to access the connecting streets.
With the revamping of our grounds - more gardens, seating and interactive sensory spaces - we hope our grounds will appeal to a wider range of people within our community. For example, our local preschools could bring their children through to experience our sensory garden and the main entrance could host community picnic events.
This proposal will also provides our children with many great learning opportunities around sustainability, growing your own food and being present in nature. These new spaces will provide enjoyment to our school and wider community for many years to come.
This Project has a total expenditure of $121,000, Waikanae School community will gift $21,000 in cash or in kind.

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