Waikanae Primary School The children of today are the leaders of tomorrow. Ngā mokopuna o te ra nei Ngā rangatire o āpōpō.

Proposed Timeline and a Description of Activities  




Target Dates

1.  Communication with community

·   Identify purpose of strategic planning process

·   Dates and times of events

·   Ways of communicating with parents through the process



2.     Development of Parent survey with  covering letter

·   Survey opportunity for parents

·   Key prompt questions

May 18th

3.  Facilitated Consultation Meetings with staff  

·      Staff to have input

·      Specific staff focus

May 17th

2 hours

4.  Facilitated session with the community (and staff to attend if possible)

·      Parents, BOT and staff to participate in discussions, identify key themes

·      What’s working?

·      What could be done differently?

May 30th or May 31st

2 hours evening TBC

5.  Community Board Week

·      Feedback board within the school grounds

·      Staff and key BOT members available for taking down information, discussing questions from survey, asking key questions etc.


6th/7th June

- as part of parent interviews

each day

6.  Second Community Board opportunity (Wellington)

·      Feedback board in Central City for 2-3 hours over lunch

·      1 x BOT member and Principal available for taking down information, discussing questions from survey, asking key questions etc.

·      Venue to be decided

8th-12th June TBC

7.  Catch up/ review meeting with BOT Chair, principal and BOT deputy Chair

·      To discuss process to date and changes or additions needed

June 12th

(1 hour- skype)

8.  The collation and development of the feedback

9.  A) Develop a one pager/or way of presenting key ideas to community, staff etc.



B) Check draft with BOT key people

·         Themes, key points, collate

·      Vision statement (may use existing one)

·      Mission statement

·      Strategic priorities (to be developed)

·     Values (already worked on – to be re-confirmed)

June 8th- June 15th








June 16th-18th

10.         Consultation/Share with community - take the one pager with key themes and beginning "of the story” back to the community and to staff groups

Get feedback from staff and community.

Develop story further:

·         Priorities, who we want to be

·         Values

·         10year focus areas etc.



June 18th- June 22nd

1-week focus

June 22nd- June 27th

11.  Present final Draft to BOT meeting

·      Key feedback from BOT

·      Alter develop as needed from feedback at meeting


June 27th

12.  Final emailed to BOT




July 3rd


13.   Launch

·         Process to be discussed and agreed

6th July Launch