Waikanae Primary School The children of today are the leaders of tomorrow. Ngā mokopuna o te ra nei Ngā rangatire o āpōpō.

Ready! Set! GO!


We Believe….
Establishing quality relationships and instilling a sense of place and belonging are the key factors for a successful transition to School.

Therefore we believe that the best way for your child to embark on this journey is through a structured programme that introduces your child to…

Our Ready! Set! Go! Programme has a number of purposes;

It ensures that the children settle quickly into their new  surroundings. They will get to know their teacher and the school environment.  Ready! Set! Go!  takes away the unknown.

With Ready! Set! Go! our students are set  up for success from the day they start school. If they are comfortable in their surroundings they will adjust more quickly and will get straight into their learning.

Ready! Set! Go! enables the school to embed routines ensuring that less time is taken away from the business of learning as students understand our expectations. 




New Entrant children come to school on a Thursday afternoon for a relaxed and welcoming session. Of course parents are welcome to stay!   We make every endeavour to ensure that this afternoon session is with your child's class teacher and in the room in which they will start school. 

Thursday sessions 1:45-2:30.

Term 1 - Feb 23, Mar 9, Mar 23, Apr 6

Term 2 - May 11, May 25, June 8, June 22, July 6

 Term 3 - Aug 3, Aug 17, Aug 31, Sep 28, 

Parents and students can come to as many sessions as they want! Parents will need to make bookings for these visits through the office; phone 9026544 or admin@waikanae.school.nz


Once your child is 'Ready' they can come to school for two "real class” sessions. These visits happen on a Tuesday 10-11 and Thursday 12-1 and let your child get a picture of the other parts of the school day.   Parents will need to make bookings for these visits through the office; phone 9026544 or admin@waikanae.school.nz

Term 1 – Feb 28,  Mar 2, Mar 14, Mar 16, Mar 28, Mar 30, Apr 11

Term 2 – May 16, May 18, May 30, June 1, June 13, June 15, June 27, June 29

Term 3 – Aug 8, Aug 10, Aug 22, Aug 24, Sep 5, Sep 7, Sep 19, Sep 21


Once your child has completed the Ready! and Set! Phases they are all Go! to start school from the day they turn 5. They will be ready to start their learning journey at Waikanae School.