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How we are Handling the Terror Attacks Going Forward

19 March 2019 - 12 April 2019

 We acknowledge that this is a tough time for New Zealanders and Friday’s events will have deeply affected everyone, but especially our Muslim families and others with connections in Christchurch.

It’s critical that our children and young people get the support and care they need and with this thought in mind I thought that I would write to you and explain what actions the school will be undertaking.

· In essence, our coping strategy will be. ‘Business as usual’ with as little fuss as possible. The logic behind this action is that in times of trauma children need routine. We will not be undertaking any specific commemorative activity, assemblies etc. in the immediate future.

· Staff will not be proactively leading any activity or discussion concerning Friday’s events in Christchurch but will rather listen and respond to students should they raise concerns, fears or worries. We will be providing reassurance that they are safe and that the situation is under control.

· Should any students need individualised care/assistance we will connect them and their whānau with the appropriate professionals.

· At a later date, we will find a way to commemorate this appalling event. It may take the form of a ‘Diversity Day’. A day where we celebrate our differences. Something that brings us together, focuses on the positive and something that looks forward. It is also highly likely that the day will be a fundraising day for victims.

We are endeavouring to protect, nurture, support and shelter our students and your children from the impact of this event.

I sincerely hope that you will help us in this approach