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6 December 2018 - 1 May 2019

Changes Ahead for the Waikanae Beach Bus Services


Changes Ahead for the Waikanae Beach Bus Services

North Beach (505 a.m. 500 p.m.) and South Beach (501 p.m.)

The school has received notification from the Ministry of Education that the current arrangements for the provision of Buses to and from Waikanae Beach are going to change. It is my understanding that the current arrangements sit outside official policy and can no longer be permitted to continue.

The key changes are bulleted below.


·         As from 5 Feb 2019 all students will be required to obtain a Snapper Card and use the card to ‘snap on’ and ‘snap off’ the bus.


·         Parents will be required to pre-load the Snapper card with money in order for a student to ride on the buses.


·         Parents will then make a Transport Allowance claim through the school at the end of each term and they will be reimbursed at a rate of $2 per school day that child is enrolled.


·         As from 1 Feb 2020 the financial assistance provided through the Transport Allowance will cease. Parents will be required to pay in full.



In my view this change in policy is grossly unfair as all students residing at Waikanae Beach are forced (by MoE approved zoning and the lack of a Beach School) to go past their nearest school (Kapanui) to attend Waikanae School. In my view, the current solution should remain in place until the Ministry provides a local educational solution for Waikanae Beach families.

It appears that those that make the decisions are unable to bend the rules around Transport Assistance for students and families living at Waikanae Beach and that we as a community will need to agitate to change this situation. Furthermore, to make changes to this decision we will need to agitate at a high level.

As parents of Waikanae Beach students, I ask that you get involved in this agitation by writing letters/emails to those individuals who might be able to make a difference.

I have listed a few people that you could make representations to as individual parents.

The MoE must provide a fair and reasonable solution. Together we can change this poor decision and obtain a fair outcome.


Bevan Campbell


Waikanae School


Chris Hipkins                      Minister of Education                     chris.hipkins@parliament.govt.nz

Nathan Guy                        MP for Otaki                                      nathanguykapiti@parliament.govt.nz

Rob McCann                      Labour candidate for Otaki           rob@robmccann.co.nz

Adrian Rurawhe               Labour MP for Te Tai Hauauru    Adrian.rurawhe@parliament.govt.nz

Iona Holstead                    Secretary of Education                   enquiries.national@education.govt.nz

Bernadette Scannell       Commercial Relationship Manager School Transport                                                                                                                                        bernadette.scanell@education.govt.nz


Fair Go                                  Fair Go, Private Bag, Auckland Mail Centre, Auckland.  Fax  09 916 7170 

David Haxton                     Editor Kapiti News                           david.haxton@nzme.co.nz

Other media                       Any and all other interested parties

4 December 2018 - 6 February 2019

End of Year 2018 And 2019 Start up Dates:


  • Waikanae School will close for the year on Friday 14 December at 12.30pm. Buses will run at this time. 


  • Orientation Day and Parent Interviews  will be held on Monday 4th February
  • The first day of instruction for 2019 will be Tuesday 5 February. School will begin for all students at 9.00am.
  • The office will be open from Monday 28 January.
  • The 2019 exercise book list is being sent home shortly. The exercise book list will also be available to download from the website. Stationery can be purchased from the bookshelf in Waikanae and any of the stationery shops in Parparaumu who will all have a copy of our lists.


4 December 2018 - 5 February 2019

Orientation Day 2019 Monday 4th Feburuay

Orientation Day 2019 Monday 4th February: we have decided to try something new. Our first day of school will be an ‘Orientation Day’. The key points about this day are as follows.

·        It is not a normal school day. (The first full day of school is Tuesday 5 February.)

·        Students attend school individually with their parents at a pre booked time.

·        This is a ‘Meet the Teacher’ session of 15-20 mins for those families who wish to make an appointment.

·        At the conclusion of the appointment the student goes home with the parent.

·        The booking site will be open on the school website from Thursday 13 December.

·        Several invitations to book an ‘Orientation Day Interview’will be emailed home over the holidays.

·        Buses will not be running.

The main idea of this day is that students, parents and teachers will have some 1:1 time. We want you to get together, meet, chat, talk and orientate your child for the New Year. We invite parents to bring information (data files reports other info etc.) That could be useful to share with your new teacher.



3 February 2018 - 16 December 2019

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