Waikanae Primary School The children of today are the leaders of tomorrow. Ngā mokopuna o te ra nei Ngā rangatire o āpōpō.

   Our Vision Statements

Essential Characteristics:   The essential characteristics that define our school can be divided into three areas. Firstly, our school fosters diversity where children flourish under a broad curriculum, are encouraged to love learning and be curious about the world in which they live. Secondly, we have high expectations of our students who are empowered to work consistently to their potential.  Thirdly, our staff and teachers are friendly, professional, committed, innovative and passionate about their work as educators.

Environment:   At Waikanae School we provide a nurturing and child-friendly environment.  There is a feeling of safety and security in which learning risks can be taken by all learners.  Teachers are passionate about their work, providing stimulating and exciting programmes so that our students can be the very best they can be.  All students take pride and ownership in their learning environment and feel a sense of belonging within our school and community.  Students understand the contribution that we all need to make in order to build a better world and ensure a sustainable future. We actively promote justice and fairness to all with both high standards of behaviour and achievement expected while providing the necessary support to those that need assistance.  

Love of Learning:   Developing and enhancing a love of learning in our students is fundamental to our purpose. Teachers provide authentic and engaging learning contexts that make the learning relevant, meaningful and fun for the student.  Students own their learning, are self-reflective, they know where they are and the next steps for improvement. 

Outstanding Learning:   Waikanae School is where outstanding learning occurs all the time.  We have high levels of student engagement, happy pupils who are enthusiastic, curious, creative and reflective in their daily learning.  This highly engaged learning environment is facilitated by vibrant teachers with programmes that cater for diverse learning needs and talents, enriching our outstanding learning environment. 

Meaningful Progress:   Allstudents at Waikanae School make meaningful progress within and across years through the effective use of assessment to target learning and teaching.  There is regular tracking and consistent monitoring of achievement.  Next learning steps are clearly identified and communicated.  This effective use of assessment is underpinned by differentiated teaching and learning techniques within classes, syndicates and across the school.  We provide a wide variety of learning opportunities that are based on the needs of each child and these learning opportunities are at the same time challenging and achievable. 

Innovations and Raising Achievement:   Waikanae School supports and encourages innovation in order to raise student achievement.  Students and teachers are viewed as lifelong learners, they are encouraged to be reflective, inquiring and to embrace new ideas. Teachers provide programmes that inspire and enthuse their students allowing them to be creative and enterprising.  Use of ICTs is integral in all classrooms as we move our students forward into the 21st Century.

Cultural Diversity:   Catering for the cultural diversity of our students and ensuring that all make meaningful progress in a safe and supportive environment is another cornerstone of our school.  Students are encouraged to express their cultural diversity and enlighten and inform other staff and students on their culture. We promote awareness of and celebrate our differences while acknowledging the role of Maori and The Treaty of Waitangi in New Zealand society.  All members of the school community are respectful of our varied cultures. We actively promote the use of our three official languages (NZ Sign Language, Maori and English) and develop links within our community that make the most of resources, skills and people.  

Leadership:   In Waikanae School leadership is developed as a shared responsibility.  We strive to utilise fully the personal strengths of both students and teachers. Our leaders are visible, available and consistently involved in daily school activities. They lead by example and model desired behaviours constructively throughout the whole being of our school.  We emphasise 'student voice' providing many and varied opportunities for leadership. We actively seek the opportunity to give students roles and responsibilities that let them shine. 

Staff:   We empower our staff so that they are creative, energised and reflective.  Valuing teachers as the school's greatest resource we provide extensive professional development and our appraisal processes give quality feedback and next learning steps for professional growth.  Teachers are encouraged to make the most of their passions and strengths while striving to improve their practice in a professionally safe environment.  We value what each individual brings to the team and see all teachers as lifelong learners.  Our teaching teams are highly collaborative and teachers are encouraged to plan, work and assess together.  The sharing of ideas within a culture of openness and honesty is something that defines our staff. 

Communication and Collaboration:   High quality collaboration and communication are cornerstones of our practice.  We work together as a whole as well as in teams within school and between school, home and the wider community.  We communicate openly and strive to ensure all parents receive clear and explicit information regarding learning intentions, strategies and assessment for both individual and school wide achievement.  Creating an environment of best practice, teaching staff are readily available and accessible offering support, encouragement and mentoring.