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School Travel Plan Update

Progress to Date


Pedestrian phasing of traffic lights on Main Road (SH1) increased allowing pedestrians to cross prior to right turning traffic from Elizabeth Street.

Yellow lines have been painted, Seddon Street near pedestrian crossing to allow the students patrolling the crossing better visibility.

32 scooter racks ordered for school – to be delivered week of 25 June.Work is planned for a Kea Crossing (patrolled crossing during school arrival and departure times) and for changes to the Utauta Street/Seddon Street intersection.

Speed survey to be conducted on Winara Avenue, to gain supporting information for an application for a Kea Crossing on Winara Avenue

A speed feedback sign is to be installed on Winara Avenue, to assist in  slowing traffic down outside the school, prior to the installation of the Kea Crossing.

A School Travel Plan meeting was held at the School during the Wheels Day on Friday May 11.

A copy of the School Travel Plan is available at the school and a summary version is available on the school web site (See TABs). At the first meeting I also provided some info about traffic taming and this is also available on the website


We are having another School Travel Plan meeting at the School on Monday 25 June at 8.30am to 9.30am in the School Library.


This meeting will primarily focus on introducing a cycle skills programme to the school, but I will also provide an update.
There are options for parent volunteers to be trained as grade 1 and 2 cycle instructors (free) to run the programme or be trained to be volunteers to assist the trainers who can provide the training to the students.

The Trainers, Ashley Burgess and Marilyn Northcotte can provide the following free training:

• Grade 1 (on school grounds)
• Grade 2 (on road)
• Mountain biking
• Road biking

Please come to this meeting if you want to contribute to the cycle skills programme or just want updated info.


Brent Cherry
SCHOOL TRAVEL PLANNER        brent.cherry@kapiticoast.govt.nz