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Progress and Achievement Test (PAT) Reading Vocabulary

Achievement Results with Student Performance being compared to National Norms


Indicative National Standard Results for Year 6, 7 and 8


Equivalent End of Year Performances for Years 4,5,6,7 and 8


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About this Assessment


PAT Reading Vocabulary Stanines enable a student's achievement to be compared against National Norms. They also enable teachers and parents to compare student performance across cohort groups.

Stanines and their associated test scores have been scaled and 'normed' to fit the 'Bell Curve of Normal Distribution'.

This test became available in its current form to schools in 2008.

This test assesses the extent of a student's vocabulary (word knowledge).  This is the fifth time that this test has been used at Waikanae School and it provides excellent insights into the next steps for learning and teaching.

 As the Ministry of Education have supplied the Scaled Score match to National Standards we are able provide the  Indicative National Standards grades of Well Below, Below, At, and Above for Years 6 to 8. This has been treated as an end of year (EOY) summative assessment for 2011 due to the fact that students still have 10 months of learning to undertake in their relevant Year Group.


As a result of these Ministry Scaled Score Matches we are also able to supply Comparisons to Equivalent Year Group End of Year Performance. It is important to note with this graphs that students still have 10 months of learning to get to the appropriate Year level Performance


Description of Ethnic Groupings



Number of Students in Test Group

Percentage of Test Group






All students tested from Year 3 to Year 8





All students identified upon enrolment as Maori


New Zealand European



All students identified upon enrolment as New Zealand European





This category includes all students identified upon enrolment as being Asian, South East Asian Other and Other European


Pacific Peoples



This category includes all students identified upon enrolment as being Samoan, Fijian, Cook Island Maori or Other Pacific Peoples

12 of these students are English Language Learners. Intensive support is currently in place for all 12 of these students.


Achievement Summary


1.      Overall performance across the school is above National Norms. We have 74% of our students at or above Stanine 5. (Norm =60%). This performance is 14% above the National Norm.

2.      Overall performance remains constant over the five year groups, beginning at 78% in Year 4 and finishing at 78% by year 8.

3.      In comparison to National Norms our 'tail' is small. The tail being the 16% students with Stanine Result 1, 2, or 3 (Norm= 23%). This performance is 7% below the National Norm.

4.      Maori Performance is above National Norms and slightly behind other ethnic cohorts within the school. We have 69% of our Maori students at or above Stanine 5 (Norm =60%). This performance is 9% above the National Norm for all ethnicities.

5.      Pacific Peoples are well below National Norms with only 41% of students at or above Stanine 5 (Norm =60%) This performance is 19% below the National Norm .

It is important to note that this group contains only 17 students or 6.5% of the test population. 11 of the 17 students are English Language Learners. Staff and management are well aware of this issue and are taking all practical steps to lift the achievement of these students to a level commensurate with others.

Interventions include:

6.      Indicative National Standards results show that 87% of students are At or Above the Standard when the results are interpreted as summative assessment for 2011.


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