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(Supplementary Test for Achievement in Reading.)

March V October Comparisons





This Tool assesses students reading ability (over a number of com

ponents) and compares there performance to norms. (Bell Curve of Normal Distribution).

There are various components within the test. These are….

  1. For all students Year 3 to 8; Word Recognition, Sentence Comprehension and Cloze Activities
  2. For Year 3 Students; Synonyms
  3. For all Year 4 to 8 students; Paragraph Comprehension and Vocabulary Range
  4. For Year 7 to 8 students; Language of Advertising and Writing Styles.

These aspects are used by teachers to target teaching and learning. For the purposes' of this report an overall stanine mark is used. (See the graph for a definition of Stanines)


It is important to note that the results of this test have only been analysed for those students who have taken both the March and October Tests. Therefore showing value added for students who have attended Waikanae School for 8-9 months.



Analysis of Results

Interpreting the Results of the STAR for 2010.

(Supplementary Test for Achievement in Reading.)


2010 STAR by All

 October Performance shows that 82 % of all pupils are reading at or above Stanine 5. Up 6% on March 2010. 60 % is the Norm.

 There are twelve students in Stanine 1 and 2 (October) Four of these students are new to the school. Three of whom are immigrants with English being their second language. Of the eight remaining students in this cohort three have global learning disabilities. All twelve students are or have received extensive additional support to address their reading difficulties. This support has been on-going. Support includes Reading Recovery, Rainbow Reading, RTLB, Resource Teachers of Reading etc.

 Our tail has reduced in size from March to October. It is just as long but it is not as thick. We only have 7% of our students in the tail (Stanine 1, 2, 3) in contrast to 14% in March. (Norm = 23%).

 There has been an increase of 8% in Stanines 7, 8 and 9 from March to October. With a total of 49% of students reading in Stanine 7, 8, 9 (Norm = 23%).


2010 STAR by Ethnicity


Maori are achieving at about the same level when compared to 'All students'.

Maori are performing above the National Norm by 18%. Up from 3% on March.

Pacific Peoples are performing well below other cohorts. There are only 16 students in this cohort.  Seven of these students are recent immigrants with English being their second language. All of these seven students are receiving supplementary support in the form of ESOL Reading programmes


2010 STAR by Cohort

All Year Group cohorts exceeded the norm by between 13% and 32%.

The stand out cohort for 2010 is Year Six with 92% at or above Stanine 5 (Norm =60%)

Student Achievement levels increase from one year to the next with the younger year groups having a longer tail.


Achievement Graphs

Graph 1


Graph 2


Graph 3


Graph 4


Graph 5


Graph 6